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956 Anyone?

Full House

Silverstone in 1983 and that year’s must have accessory was the Porsche 956, it was the new black. Even a cack-handed snapper such as I could not fail to capture a gaggle of the wunder cars as they raced around the old bomber base. So here are five in shot, Kremer, Joest, Fitzpatrick and Obermaier entries….the likes of Alan Jones, Vern Schuppan, Bob Wollek, Stefan Johansson, David Hobbs, John Fitzpatrick, Jürgen Lässig and Hans Hayer behind the wheel……………….we did not appreciate how lucky we were………..

John Brooks, December 2011

Classic Group C

To those of a certain age, the Group C era of endurance racing was arguably the pinnacle. That is not to say that today’s battles between Audi and Peugeot are any less compelling, but perhaps time adds a lustre to the competition of the 80’s.

We are fortunate that the cars themselves are still around, even if those who drove them at the time, have, for the most part, left the stage.

The weekend just past saw the huge motorsports extravaganza, The Silverstone Classic, take place. We will get an expert eye’s view on the event in due course but in the meantime I will bring you a gallery of the Group C entry.

John Brooks, July 2011

Images courtesy of the Silverstone Classic.