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Midnight at Misano – Send Your Camel to Bed

1998 ISRS Misano

1998 saw the ISRS develop into a potentially top line sportscar series and the schedule included a night race at the charming Italian circuit of Misano, down in the Province of Rimini. Naturally I took the opportunity to have an Italian Riviera holiday in the lovely resort of Cattolica and, as ever, had to sing for my supper. Saturday night was spent trying to shoot cars in the dark, and being in the  pre-digital era there was no clue about the likely results except what little I had learned in the past.

The 333SPs were very expressive that night, adding to f-stop confusion. To my surprise some images were almost OK. Here is the Lilian Bryner, Enzo Calderari, and Angelo Zadra example.

A warming thought in December.

John Brooks, December 2012