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  1. travelstoomuch49

    If there was a positive to the race it was that Nascar left the GTL class alone. Other than that it was another display of Nascar patting itself on its back for what most sports car racing fans would say was a sad excuse for a race. Starting with the ridiculous BoP tech changes up till one week before the race. Follow with relegating the P2’s to not even in the picture, to the ludicrous phantom yellow (sorry, it is Nascar) of the Leh Keen off with fewer than 20mins left…the GTL race tightens up and Max being 12 secs behind Barbosa after 10 mins of yellow takes the green only 2 secs. back (no manipulation of the race there..noooo). And to top it off, the Level 5/FL battle having a penalty issued Level 5.

    I haven’t said anything others have already said but the 24 Hours became an afterthought when Nascar came up with the DP’s and tube cars. Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, Peugeot (breathing a sigh of relief) and the others with true sports cars are probably laughing themselves silly at what occurred this year.

    Wait…there was a positive…the greatest race driver of all time wasn’t on the podium. “Hi kids!” Hi everybody back home!”

    1. John Brooks Post author

      Good to see that there is still some who believe in the purity and romance of motorsport, untainted by mere commercial concerns…………

      Please share more of your thoughts on this site, we are a broad church.


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