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Kop Hill – Rare and Interesting

The comparatively recent revival of the hill climb at Kop Hill has been a notable success. Our Special Correspondent attended and unearthed his usual cocktail of rare and interesting.

One of the three Fox & Nicholl Talbot 105 team cars which won an Alpine Cup in the 1932 Alpine Trial. The cars had special bodywork by Vanden Plas and this one was driven by Norman Garrad. They all completed the arduous event without loss of marks!

Dating from 1937, this has to be one of the early four-wheeled Morgans.

It has the Coventry Climax overhead inlet and side exhaust valve engines.

An unusual body on a 1920 Trafford Park, Manchester, made Model T Ford. It labels itself a “Centredoor Top Hat “ saloon but while seating five, it was felt to be unstable and there was no safety glass at that time.

This Chevrolet Roadster is interesting because it dates from 1928 and is therefore one of the last Chevrolet four-cylinder models – it has an o.h.v. Mason-designed motor.

For 1929 Chevrolet introduced its superb 6-cylinder o.h.v. unit, nicknamed both the “Cast Iron Wonder” and “Stovebolt Six” which went on to power every Chevrolet car and light truck until 1954!


The capacious boot of a Gordon England Austin Seven Cup model.

David Blumlein, December 2019