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Riding Along On The Crest Of A Wave


Some days things go to plan, not often I’ll grant, but some days……….

Mid-September 2006, Saturday late afternoon at Mugello, I had committed to cover the FIA European GT3 race, not normally an event that would fill me with enthusiasm. I stood out in the gloom as the rain came down cats and dogs and I noticed a small lake of water along the pit straight. The cars struggled to cope, even when they were aware of its presence.

Fast forward a day to the main event, the FIA GT Supercar 500,  I knew, I just knew that the first car through would surf along in a spectacular style. The other gaggle of photographers who had not been dumb enough to endure the GT3 race were conventionally placed much further up in the braking zone.

When Andrea Bertolini hove into view I seized my chance and felt pretty pleased with myself, dps in Sport Auto and large print to Andrea, job done. Makes up for all the other screw ups.

We can be heroes, just for one day.

John Brooks, December 2014