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The Last Lap

1998 ISRS Misano

British Racing Motors aka BRM had an illustrious motorsports history, the peak was winning the 1962 Formula One World Championships with Graham Hill. The driver roster over the years included Fangio and Moss, Siffert and Rodriguez, all legends of the sport. After several disappointing seasons the team folded in 1977. For BRM it was generally a case of what might have been, right from the early days of the V-16.

1998 ISRS Misano

The racing aspect of the brand was resurrected by John Mangoletsi in 1992 with an attempt to race in Group C. The project was not a success and eventually the single chassis, designated P351, was sold on to Pacific Racing. They modified it, removing the roof and adding a rollbar and entered the car, now a P301, in the fledgling International Sports Racing Series, run ironically enough by John Mangoletsi.

Success eluded the new owners and though the end came after non-qualification at Donington in 1998, the final race of BRM was just four laps of the Misano 2½ Hours earlier in the month. A disappointing end. Above is Tim Sugden in Qualifying putting the car up in 9th place. More potential unfulfilled.

John Brooks, August 2013