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À la recherche du temps perdu

We all have websites that we visit frequently, favourites if you like. Some are new to the digital era, some continue on the analogue world that preceeded the world of screen and keyboards.

For those with an interest in Formula One the site http://www.GrandPrix.com and the sister blog http://joesaward.wordpress.com/ are required reading. Any place that has the combined talents of Joe Saward, David Tremayne and Maurice Hamilton should be top of the list, if F1 is your bag.

Mr. Hamilton’s recent post cost me an hour or two of my life transporting me back the early 70’s, like a motorsport edition of The Sweeney. He commended a film shot in 1973 of the Grand Prix circus by Columbia Pictures. Of course not only is the story spellbinding, the quality of the Hollywood production values are amazing. Be warned once you start to watch, you will be reluctant to stop, so clear a window in your diary for something really important.

The film can be seen here

John Brooks, January 2011