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Autumn Colours at Brooklands

2015 JB General

I have not been able to visit Brooklands this year as much as I would have wished, too many clashing dates but back in mid-October I found a window to go for a few hours to Weybridge for the Autumn Motorsport day.

2015 JB General

There was a very strong Italian element on the day, a close relationship with Auto Italia magazine who stage a day each year on site meant that there was a fine selection of automotive art to admire and appreciate.

2015 JB General

There was a comprehensive turnout of Abarth’s finest with the owners keen to get a run on the Test Track at the neighbouring Mercedes-Benz World.

2015 JB General

And who could resist this Montreal?

2015 JB General

Brooklands is undergoing great changes as the Bellman Hanger is to be moved and the Old Finishing Straight is being brought back to life. Evidence of this work was to be seen and by the time the Autumn Motorsport Day comes round in 2016 it will be a very different Brooklands but with the same spirit that has sustained this corner of motor sport for over a century.

John Brooks, December 2015

Italian Banking Crisis

Hang on, lads; I’ve got a great idea.

As the world winds down for Christmas, or at least this part of the world, it is time for a bit of whimsy. Here is a gang of Abarths on the Monza Banking, perhaps in training for a showdown on the Lingotto roof with the cheeky chappies in Minis.

An Italian Job indeed.

John Brooks, December 2011