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Thinking Inside the Box

Racing in the Rain

A September Sunday in 1983, no Indian Summer at Brands Hatch, just rain and mud. 1983 was the year that Group C really took off with Porsche 956 factory and customer cars battling with the dramatic but fragile Lancia LC2 trio.

This 1000 kilometres around the Kent woods was also the final international victory for the great touring car/sportscar champion, John Fitzpatrick.  Driving with Derek Warwick in the John Fitzpatrick Racing Porsche 956 they defeated a pair of factory Rothmans Porsche 956s, a feat that only happened a handful of times back then. Something to be celebrated.

The Box? The one that I found a pile of negs and slides dating back to the 80s that I shot. Expect to see more.

John Brooks, March 2011