As someone who fancies himself when it comes to dealing out the rough stuff I am regularly put back in my place by the automotive commentary site

Peter De Lorenzo spares no one, not even himself, in pursuit of The Bare-Knuckled, Unvarnished, High Octane Truth. His commitment to telling it how he sees it is absolute and at Kamikaze levels. I doubt he gets many invites these days in Detroit.

This week he takes GM CEO, Dan Akerson, to task, actually he flays him alive. I will bet that some poor sod in the GM PR department will sleep with the fishes as a result of the impotent rage that this commentary will engender in The Boss.

De Lorenzo also articulates concisely just what is so wrong about the very idea of the Ferrari FF. I can only add that it should have been called the Ferrari FFS.

Go right away and read this wisdom, you will not be disappointed.

John Brooks, January 2011

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