Shaken and Stirred

1983 Silverstone 1000kms

Arguably one of the most elegant endurance racers of them all. The suave Martini livery disguising the brutal Ferrari V8 turbo lurking within. The results never matched the promise, but those of us lucky enough to see the LC2 in action remember them with great affection, like a distant love affair from the time when we were young………………an eternal question, what might have been?

John Brooks, April 2013

2 thoughts on “Shaken and Stirred

  1. Iain Macbeth

    John, I have a memory of a privateer LC2 that raced at Le Mans, and I think went over the barriers into the woods between Mulsanne Corner and Indianapolis – remnants basically arrived back in the paddock in a bin bag, but driver was unscathed?

    1. John Brooks Post author


      I think that you are referring to the Malardeau LC2 that ran in 1984 with Pier-Luigi Martini, Beppe Gabbiani and Xavier Lapeyre on driving duties. During practice Martini had a big shunt, hitting the Brun 956 that was stuck in the middle of the track after a spin. Both cars were repaired in time for the race, the Lancia retired around the halfway point with engine failure.


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