Per Ardua Ad Astra


The attention of many in my world will be on a press conference later today held at Daytona Beach, though I doubt that anything will be revealed that has not already been leaked. Around about that time some of us will raise our eyes to the sky and reflect in awe at the depth of the human spirit. At 15.15 GMT Alessandro Zanardi will compete in the first of his three races at the 2012 Paralympics, participating in the Mens Individual H4 Time Trial.

We should be inspired by the determination and sheer guts of Alex and all his fellow Paralympians. Here he is at the same track back in 2009.

John Brooks, September 2012

1 thought on “Per Ardua Ad Astra

  1. John D

    Hi Brooksie
    And he won the gold!
    He is a true champion and an inspiration to everyone facing adversity.
    Well done Alex.


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