I have no good answer to that question……………


1998 Rolex 24

The first trip to the Rolex was back in ’98. I was invited by the charming Laurence Pearce of Lister Cars fame. Back then the WSC rules allowed for some pretty strange contraptions, certainly The Cannibal was right right up there in the Wacky Racers stakes.

1998 Rolex 24

Then there was this Sci-Fi effort from Mosler, the Raptor…………they missed Captain Nemo’s name off the roof.

Rather than plagiarise anyone else’s work I suggest that if you want to know more about these unusual racers you could do worse than read this excellent piece on the Daytona International Speedway website;


I somehow doubt that we witness anything quite like this pair on the banking in the next week, but you never know…………

John Brooks, January 2014


2 thoughts on “I have no good answer to that question……………

  1. travelstoomuch49

    Let’s not forget the BMW Picchio that Price Cobb ran for G&W…kinda sorta. Didn’t run the 24 Hours but did race in the ’99 series. It was BMW’s test platform for the forthcoming DP’s. The SRP2 was open cockpit. The Picchio was just as ugly. (google the USI BMW Picchio SRP2, 1999.)

    More strange: Dyson Racing’s Magnificent 7 in ’97.

    1. John Brooks Post author

      I remember the Picchio’s debut at Misano in the ISRS event in 1998, I was covering the race. The company was funded by some sort of government grant to bring industry to a region of unemployment and built a car to SR2 and CN regulations. When GrandAm was formed they used John Mangoletsi’s ISRS/SRWC regulations for prototypes and were due to have a few joint races, it was not a success.


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