It’s Grim Up North London


One of the best bits about blogging is having the oppertunity to Big Up your mates.

One of the best photographers that I have encountered in the last 20 years or so is David Noels.

The Belgian has had stacks of editorial and corporate clients over the years, most notably General Motors.

He recently launched a blog and I recommend that you pay a visit to see his great work, like this

John Brooks, March 2011

2 thoughts on “It’s Grim Up North London

  1. NateB

    Hehe, the post title made me chuckle a bit, as an old friend of mine used to say “It’s grim up Grimsby way” or something like that. (he was from London). Thanks for the heads’ up John, looks like a nice site.


  2. Dave Lister

    What on earth would Jez make of having a Belgian doppelgänger.. I mean.. I haven’t seen David Noels with saffron falafel.. or, for that matter, have I seen him agonising over just which of the 32 brands of bottled water on display he needs to buy.. Nor have I seen him blog about the contents of his fridge cos “the world just has to be told”…. All very Grim up North London it may be.. But.. oh.. hang on a minute.. that makes you Quin, doesn’t it… Ah.. I get it now… all becomes clear.. (wink, wink.. nudge nudge.. a nod’s as good as a sniff..).. Man… woof woof…


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