The Brooklands Battleship


New Years Day…….the plan had been to biff along to Brooklands for the traditional meeting….a late change to the running order means that Hampton Court Palace is now the destination.

Byfleet Banking

However as a substitute here is a snap from the glory days on the banks……The Brooklands Battleship’ – Blower 4 1/2 litre Bentley being driven by Sir Henry Birkin at Brooklands where it set a lap record of 137.96 mph in 1932……may I wish the one or two readers who stop by this remote outpost of the motorsport empire a happy and healthy 2012.

John Brooks, January 2012


3 thoughts on “The Brooklands Battleship

  1. Andy Alston

    I understand that Tim Birkin said that you would have to be mad to go round Brooklands at more than 120 mph, given the rough surface.

    He then set the lap record at 137.58 mph.

    The film of the battleship put together by Bonhams is well worth a watch. You can clearly see the wheels leaving the track surface.


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